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Based in New York, NY, Amity Digital helps brands and publishers to break through the clutter of Programmatic Media. 

Amity Digital is performance media platform that allows advertisers to maximize their budgets across Desktop, Mobile, In-App, CTV, and Digital Audio environments.  At Amity Digital, we provide our partners with a simplified turn key solution.  When an advertiser spends with Amity Digital, we always look to exceed all of their campaign expectations.  Our Publisher partners look to Amity for the high yield we return to them on their unsold inventory. 

Advertiser Solutions to maximize your campaign spend

The Amity team is comprised of digital media veterans with vast knowledge of the digital ecosystem. Our team works with advertisers and demand partners to ensure that their ad dollars are spent efficiently, on budget, and on time. Let’s connect today to discuss how our companies can partner together.

All Screens, All Environments: Premium display and video ad inventory across Desktop, Mobile, In-App, CTV and Digital Audio Environments.

Simplified Campaign Delivery: Best-in-market ad serving, reporting, and brand safety integrations to ensure that your ad dollars are spent right each and every time. 

Multiple Ways to Integrate: Directly Integrate to our inventory through a Tag based or Private Marketplace setup. 

Proactive Account Management: Amity Digital provides each Advertiser/Demand partner with personalized account management and full transparency.

Publisher Solutions to maximize your revenue across all digital environments

  • Cross Screen Monetization (maybe include a graphic for each of the following) Desktop, Mobile, CTV, Audio, Video, Display
  • Increase Revenue- Amity will provide you access to premium brands through our relationships with top DSP, SSPs, Trading Desks, Brands, and Agencies
  • Yield Management- Maximize CPMs and increase fill rates
  • Client Relations- Personalized account management and full transparency

Amity Digital works with premium advertisers, agencies, publishers and curated demand sources to amplify direct sales offerings and custom ad campaigns to capture unique demand budgets. Contact us today to develop a custom plan.


Are you a Publishers, Advertiser, or AdTech Platform? We would love to have the opportunity to discuss a potential partnership with your company. 

Automated Yield Management

Error Elimination:
improve user experience by setting the error optimization option and reduce latency

Yield optimization:
Setup the yield as your main KPI and our algorithm will strive to provide with the best profit instead of revenue

Tag prioritization:
Our algorithm consistently changes tags based on last hour performance

Why Amity Digital

We have some of the brightest minds in the world working for us. More than 60% of our staff is dedicated to technology innovation.

Advanced Yield Management:
Sophisticated algorithm which automatically optimizes and prioritizes tags based on provided KPI's.

With our comprehensive reporting you can get visibility on each tag, advertiser and it's performance.

Our contact info

Address: 135 Madison Avenue 5th Floor, NY NY 10016

Phone: +1 (603) 502-1310

Contact Email: support@amitydigital.io

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